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Alien species invasions do not just occur. A newcomer is often facilitated because the receiving environment has something to offer such as sufficient food and safety. This theme explores the facilitation of invasive species and the design of management measures that make ecosystems less susceptible to invasions.

Example publications

Van Kleef, H., et al., 2016. Systeemgericht beheer als duurzame oplossing tegen invasieve exoten. De Levende Natuur 117 (6) 251-255. [Link]

Van Delft, J., et al., 2013. De zonnebaars: levenswijze, problematiek en beheer. Stichting RAVON, Stichting Bargerveen, Bosgroep Zuid Nederland. [Link]

Van Kleef, H. & E. Jongejans, 2014. Identifying drivers of pumpkinseed invasiveness using population models. Aquatic Invasions 9 (3): 315–326. [Link]


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Hein van Kleef, Stichting Bargerveen